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Partial Update Resource

Partially pdate a Resource or a Contained Resource based on the request's operations. You can pass any first-level properties you want to add, replace or delete, but you can't individually update attributes of properties.

PATCH /v1/:type/:id

Path Parameters#

  • type - (required, string) specifies the type of the resource. Possible values are described in Resource Types.
  • id - (required, string) specifies the id of the resource. A resource can be fetched either by id or by any of its identifiers.

Request Body#

The request body is a json array that contains contains a set of operations.



Adds a value to a Resource or inserts it into an array.

// Single{  "op": "add",  "path": "name",  "value": "Name of the resources"}
// Array{  "op": "add",  "path": "phone/1",  "value": {    "value": "4444444",    "use": "main",    "system": "phone",    "extension": null  }}


Removes a value from an object or array.

{  "op": "remove",  "path": "name"}


Replaces a value. Equivalent to a “remove” followed by an “add”.

// Single{  "op": "replace",  "path": "name",  "value": "New Name of the resources"}
// Array{  "op": "replace",  "path": "phone/1",  "value": {    "value": "4444444",    "use": "main",    "system": "phone",    "extension": null  }}


Example of request body to replace the name of a resource

PATCH /v1/clinic/cd429379-821e-42e1-8d4c-815349534670
[  {    "op": "replace",    "path": "name",    "value": "New Name of the resources"  }]


Returns 200 - OK with a Resource of the targeted type in the response body.


200 OK on PATCH /v1/clinic/cd429379-821e-42e1-8d4c-815349534670
{  "id": "cd429379-821e-42e1-8d4c-815349534670",  "createdAt": "2021-10-12T18:24:09.651074Z",  "updatedAt": "2021-10-12T18:24:09.651074Z",  "name": "New Name of the resources",  "phone": [    {      "id": "phone-d13f82fa-2fd5-4422-8e29-dd4fec650440",      "value": "5140902999",      "use": "reception",      "system": "phone",      "extension": null    }  ],  "email": [    {      "id": "email-35bfdca3-3e63-49e3-97b4-18979da37a0c",      "value": "",      "use": "info",      "system": "email"    }  ],  "openingHours": [    {      "day": 1,      "start": "08:00:00",      "end": "17:00:00"    },    {      "day": 2,      "start": "08:00:00",      "end": "17:00:00"    },    {      "day": 3,      "start": "08:00:00",      "end": "17:00:00"    },    {      "day": 4,      "start": "08:00:00",      "end": "17:00:00"    },    {      "day": 5,      "start": "08:00:00",      "end": "17:00:00"    }  ]}